Why is Shareyna Nicole Consulting, LLC. unique?
Shareyna Nicole Consulting, LLC is unique in its approach to the focus on coaching the individual. Each client will be provided with a personalized coaching plan based on a variety of services.

What does Shareyna Nicole Consulting, LLC. provide?
Shareyna Nicole Consulting, LLC provides real-world examples of success through the development of a personalized coaching method. Each client will have the opportunity to request services and will be provided with a plan to assist with its execution. A successful plan will result in a satisfied client that has the tools necessary to launch the next level of his/her personal goals.

Why was Shareyna Nicole Consulting, LLC created?
Shareyna Nicole wanted to share her years of experience and talents, including but not limited to writing, teaching, and mentoring with a larger group of constituents. During many of her motivational speaking engagements, she saw a need that had been left unfulfilled in so many young and career-changing professionals.