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The Test of a Woman @ Barnes & Noble Menlo Park Mall

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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Barnes & Noble
55 Parsonage Road
Edison, NJ 08837

The Test of a Woman II

Fathers Matter. The second volume of The Test of a Woman presents thought-provoking pieces that delve into the necessary conversations girls need to have with their fathers, discounting the notion that a father’s presence is not necessary or pivotal in their lives. Men, you are needed, loved, and your value is unmatched. Do not give up. Your girls need you.

The Test of a Woman I

The Test of a Woman is a book that uncovers so much of the real-life experiences of women, their innermost thoughts and advice based on a reflection at a given moment in time. It deals with the raw issues that are generally not exposed in everyday conversations. Each story is meant to provide a different perspective and life experience. The focus is on women’s emotional healing and building a healthier lifestyle.

About The Author
Shareyna Scott James holds a BA in English Writing with a minor in African, African American, and Caribbean studies as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She is a lecturer at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey to both undergraduate and graduate students. Mrs. James is a self-published author, advocate for underrepresented minorities and young girls, entrepreneur, scholarship founder, and “momager.” Shareyna prides herself on giving back to the local community as a larger part of her life’s work.

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“I’ve never read a book that not only made me pause and reflect on myself, but the book actually encourages this. From opening the first pages, the tears and emotions I felt in the beginning continued throughout the pages”.

Anonymous 2

“The writing style flowed seamlessly throughout. You allowed the story to dictate how you presented it and it’s evident by the differences from chapter to chapter.”

Anonymous 3

“A man’s perspective of the pain he causes.”

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