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The Test of a Woman

This book is meant to share the pieces of women’s stories that have never been told: her successes, fears, failures, joys, and triumphs.

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The Test of a Woman is a book that uncovers so much of the real-life experiences of women, their innermost thoughts and advice based on a reflection at a given moment in time. It deals with the raw issues that are generally not exposed in every day conversations. Each story is meant to provide a different perspective and life experience. The focus is on women’s emotional healing and building a healthier lifestyle.

About The Author
At the age of thirty, Shareyna N. Scott pursued her love of writing by telling women’s stories through this piece. Shareyna holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in writing. A writer by trade, she has a fondness for students, globally, through her profession. A mentor, mother, tutor, writer, daughter, sister, friend, Shareyna’s love for helping women is unmatched. Anyone who knows her will tell you that this book was destined. Her testimony is merely touched on in her first book as a doorway into her story. Co-founder of a mentoring program for young girls–Destination Beautiful, Incorporated, a 501c3 organization–she is determined to tell young women the truth through her writing. Truly, an educator, Shareyna’s passion for teaching inside and outside of the classroom demonstrates her love for writing. Your author has you in mind and is determined to see The Test of a Woman touch the lives of women from every lifestyle.


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“I’ve never read a book that not only made me pause and reflect on myself, but the book actually encourages this. From opening the first pages, the tears and emotions I felt in the beginning continued throughout the pages”.

Anonymous 2

“The writing style flowed seamlessly throughout. You allowed the story to dictate how you presented it and it’s evident by the differences from chapter to chapter.”

Anonymous 3

“A man’s perspective of the pain he causes.”

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